Middleton Heritage & the Arts & Crafts Trust


Middleton Heritage is a coming together of the various heritage groups of Middleton. Each group focuses on its own particular interests, while together celebrating the wider heritage of Middleton and its Arts & Crafts legacy.

Middleton Heritage formed the Arts & Crafts Trust, a social enterprise to promote and coordinate the Middleton Heritage events programmes and to assist the management and restoration of the Arts & Crafts Church and Edgar Wood Centre.

Arts & Crafts Awakening is a Middleton Heritage project which studies, interprets and promotes the Arts & Crafts heritage of Edgar Wood and Middleton.

To make contact, email middletonheritage@gmail.com

Click on the links for further information…

Archaeological Society   Civic Association   Edgar Wood Society   Family History Group  Grammar School    Greater Manchester Building Preservation Trust   Heritage Film Group   Jubilee Park  Middleton History Research Group   Middleton Parish Church      Methodist Church

One thought on “Middleton Heritage & the Arts & Crafts Trust

  1. Kevin Elliott


    Please be informed that Derek Elliott passed away on Monday 5 Feb. Funeral provisionally at Middleton Crematorium on 15 Feb at 1:30pm

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