Research Group for new Middleton Film

We had a good Edgar Wood Society committee meeting on Thursday (12th Feb). One of the things we decided was to set up a research group to look at the key historical figures around Edgar Wood and Long Street Methodist Church.

Much of what we put together with be incorporated into the planned ‘Romantic Middleton and the Modern Era’ film being organised by the Middleton Heritage Film Group.

The group will research the following…

  1. Long Street Methodist Church – history, people and activities before 1950
  2. LSM – history, people and activities after 1950

  3. Artists Fred Jackson, James W. Booth, (William) Edward Stott of Rochdale, William Stott of Oldham

  4. Craft workers associated with Edgar Wood and Northern Art Workers Guild

  5. Clients of Edgar Wood buildings

  6. Julia Schwabe of Rhodes

If you have access to any material, please email to let us know!