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Listed Buildings – Heywood & Middleton Parliamentary Constituency

The National Heritage List for England maintained by Historic England (formerly English Heritage) is the authoritative source for listed buildings. Unfortunately, there is no specific ‘Middleton’ category to filter the List. Instead, the Heywood & Middleton Parliamentary Constituency can be used. It equates to the former Middleton Borough plus the historic Middleton townships of Hopwood, Ashworth, Birtle and Bamford which now are part of Heywood and Rochdale. It also includes small parts of Castleton (Rochdale) and Heap (Bury).

Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings in Heywood and Middleton

Listed Buildings Information – Rochdale M.B.C.

Council website listed buildings page is HERE.

This is an old but helpful leaflet (contact details have been updated by us)

Rochdale MBC LBs & CAs



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