Blue Plaques

This has been extracted from Rochdale Metropolitan Council’s Blue Plaques page.

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Blue plaques in Middleton

Building Grade / Year Information
Old Market Place
27 Long Street, Middleton
1791 Facing this plaque was the Old Market Place. Lord Suffield obtained a Market Charter from George III in 1791 to hold a weekly market and three annual fairs. Suf-field built warehouses, a market house and shambles at his own expense.
Peterloo Demonstration
69 Morton Street, Middleton
1819 The Middleton contingent congregated here in Barrowfield and marched to St Peter’s Field in Manchester led by Sam Bamford. The meeting, popularly known as “Peterloo Massacre”, was in support of the vote for the working classes. 16 Mid-dleton people were injured.
Parish School
Nature’s Nursery, Long Street, Middleton
1842 – Grade II listed building National school erected for St Leonard’s Church by Reverend Richard Dunford (later Bishop of Chichester). Extended 1892 by Reverend T.E. Cleworth. Last used as a school in 1979.
Site of Middleton Hall
Middleton Arena, Corporation Street, Middleton
1845 Home of the Lords of Middleton.
Frederick William Jackson
360-362 Grimshaw Lane, Middleton
1859-1918 Childhood home of the artist Frederick William Jackson.
Edgar Wood
Sunny Brow Nursery, Sunny Brow Road, Middleton
1860- 1935 Childhood home of the architect and artist.
St Leonard’s Square
St Leonard’s Church, Middleton
Once the focal point for the old town which before the Industrial Revolution occupied the ridge towards Rochdale. Nearby street names – High Street and Cheapside– identify the old town. Cottage silk weaving was practised in the sur-rounding area.
Jim Allen
Middleton Library, Long Street, Middleton
1926- 1999 Middleton writer and playwright was self taught in this and other libraries. “My only regret when I die will be the books I have not read”.
Middleton Gardens and Suffield Street
Suffield House, Middleton Gardens, Middleton
1934 Formerly the location of the Corn Mill Lodge, and part of the Gardens of Middle-ton Hall. Established as Central Gardens in 1934 by Middleton Borough Council. Suf-field Square was named after the Suffield Family of Gunton, Norfolk, absentee Lord of the Manor of Middleton 1765-1848.
Peter Cowap
Old Boar’s Head, Middleton
1944-1997 the home of Middleton singer songwriter and guitarist par excellence. “Every night’s a staturday night’.