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Geoff Wellens1This is an informal group of around twenty researchers who have come together to share their knowledge and create a better understanding of the history of Middleton, its people and the surrounding area. It occasionally holds meetings at Ye Olde Boar’s Head P.H. The coordinator is well known local historian, Geoff Wellens.

If you have an interest in local history then get in touch … email middletonheritage@gmail.com

18 thoughts on “History Research Group

  1. drm

    Hi Alan,
    I have passed your email onto someone who may know.
    Best of luck,
    Site admin

  2. AlanR

    Hi, I am trying to find the location of an old beer house that was somewhere in the Slattocks area, called the Jolly Waggoner. It was definitely open for business during the mid 19th century and by all accounts it wasn’t to far away from the old Hopwood Arms, but I have had no luck finding out just where it was. Hope you can help me. Thanks.

  3. drm

    I’ve forwarded your message to someone who might be able to help. Admin.

  4. Carmel Boycott


    I am the history coordinator at Saint Mary’s School, Langley. I am currently trying to create some end of topic end points for our Year 4 children who will be studying a topic called: “Can you tell the story of the Saxons in Middleton?” I was wondering if there was anyone I could talk to gain ideas for the children’s learning?

    Many thanks,

    Carmel Boycott

  5. drm

    Hi Kirsten, Great to hear from you. I’ve forwarded your message to Geoff Wellens, one of Middleton’s local historians. I hope he can help you out!
    Best wishes.
    David Morris

  6. Kirsten Lansberry

    Hello from the United States! I am researching my family tree and it seems my great-grandmother was Catherine “Kitty” Wellens of St. Helens, Lancashire, daughter of James Wellens of Middleton. Can anyone help me confirm this? Any information about the Wellens family would be much appreciated. I particularly would like to know if they ever visited Halifax. Thank you!

  7. drm

    Hi Beverley,
    I’ve forwarded your email to a local historian who should get in touch soon.
    Best wishes,

  8. Beverlee Lang

    Hello, I am writing a bit of a memoir, my own journey in faith. the first church/ sunday school I attended was the Hebers Free Methodist church on Hollin Lane, demolished in 1969 or 1970 ish and housing built on the land. I am looking for any photographs of this church. I have scoured on line and have not found any, perhaps someone could sign post me?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. drm

    Hello Heidi

    I apologise for the two month delay. Corvid 19 appears to have got in the way!

    I’m familiar with the books. Are they close enough to Middleton for you to deliver or for me to collect?

    Thanks very much for contacting us.


  10. drm

    Hello Bryan. I knew May Moores and my brother, Norman, knew Alex/Alec. I put your question on Old Middleton New Middleton (Facebook) and had a number of comments. Here’s a couple:

    Yes , I lived near that bakery . I went past there a while back and it was still a bakery , don’t know if it’s still open . In those days when May had it , it was thriving , 5 or six serving at a time . She did catering as well.

    I lived on Waverley Rd when I was a kid. Remember May Moore’s bakery well. Proper muffins. It was the end shop where the round about is. There was also William Newsagent. There was a grocers a clothes shop and an ironmonger shop. Can’t think of their names. It’s going to haunt me all night till I remember It was about 54yrs ago.

    And from Norman

    Yes May Moore’s had a bakery on Hollin Estate and her son Alec worked for a long time in The Netherlands commuting between Manchester Monday morning returning for the weekend on a Friday. Mrs.Moores if I remember correctly, retired to the City of Gloucester

    Hollin Estate is on the Rochdale side of Middleton. I lived about 500 yards as the crow flies from May Moores’ shop.

    Hope this is of some help.


  11. drm

    Hi Bryan,
    I will forward your email onto a local historian. Best wishes.
    Site Admin.

  12. Bryan Henstock

    I knew a person ‘Alex Moores’ in Canada over 40 years ago. His mother ran a shop in Middleton or Oldham called ‘Moore’s Pie’. They were apparently well known in the surrounding area.
    Any help?

  13. In the estate of my late husband who came from Rhodes/Middleton I find two booklets entitled „Memories of a Middleton Moonraker“ by Alfred Howarth and „Middleton in “ by Morris Garratt and John Cole.
    Could someone please advice me what I could do with them?

    Thanking you.
    Heidi Moran

  14. drm

    I’ve forwarded your query to a local historian. Best wishes, Site Admin

  15. Roy Liddle

    Hi I wonder if you can help with research on my .family history
    My Brother , Peter Liddle , was born in Macclesfield ,March 1943 ( no exact date) , but the family had no connections with that area , all being cotton workers in Middleton . I wonder if this may be due to evacuation during the was and if so was this common practice.

    Also I am trying to access parish records for both St Leonards Church and St Micheals and wonder if you have a link ?
    Normally I would visit the library but of course not possible in the unusual time

    many thanks

    roy liddle

  16. Me

    Hi I would like them if still available I live in the centre of Middleton and have done since birth.

  17. drm

    Happy new Year. Yes, I’m sure they would be. I’ll write separately to you. David M.

  18. Jackie Aiton

    I wonder if you can help. I have been clearing out my grandfathers belongings and have come across a number of books and photographs relating to Middleton and the surrounding area from 1860 to WW1. Would these be if any interest to anyone at Middleton heritage? I can’t bring myself to throw them away but am not really sure what to do with them!

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