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MiddletonThe Middleton Family History Group have been running for over a decade recording the lives of people great and small. For most of this time they met in the Old Grammar School before moving to Jubilee Library, following a temporay spell at the Edgar Wood Centre.

The group meets 10 am till 12 noon each Thursday. All are welcome. To make contact, just turn up or email

6 thoughts on “Family History Group

  1. James Davis

    Hello My name is James Davis and I am trying to get information about my great grandmother Mary Davies( born 1849 in Manchester, christened 19 August 1849 in Manchester Cathedral) or to be more accurate my great grandfather named Bruff.
    The information I have is this : My great grandmother and my great grandfather had a son John Davis born in Middleton in 1867. At that time they were living at
    6 Park street in Tonge Middleton. In 1891 John Davis was living with his mother Mary Davies at 12 Park street Tonge in Middleton.
    A quote from the report I have “ It is quite likely that John was born legitimate and his father reputed to be a guy called Bruff from Manchester”unquote.

    Why the ‘e’ was dropped in the name Davies is not clear, perhaps an error in the documentation.

    As you can see my genealogy ends on my father’s side at the name Bruff and as you can imagine I am very curious where the name Bruff leads to.

    My questions to you are: Do you know if the name Bruff is a Middleton name do you think it is a Manchester name? Was Tonge an area of Middleton?

    I would be very grateful of any help you could give me.

    Kind regards and many thanks,

    James Davis

  2. Mrs Alison Williams

    I have researched my family name Taylor and to some extent early Rennie 20th century family as they were related and Kenyons.
    Most of my family and myself attended Morton Street Methodist Chapel.
    The Taylors started out living on Dane Street by the Mill & on Grimshaw lane and lived at various addresses around Middleton. My Grandad Walter Taylor ran a chip shop on Morton Street in the 1920’s or 30’s for a while and also had a workshop in Spring Vale
    He was friends with the Mc Indoe family and many of my family attended the Independent Labour Club (ILP)on Milton Street.
    Any information on Morton Street and the ILP in Middleton would be excellent. I did a bit of a history of the latter as Milton Street Club was designed by Edgar Wood and my background is art & design.
    I lived in Alkrington for half my life but now live in Oxford so cant attend meetings

  3. Sydney Drew

    Hello My name Sydney Drew I live in Canada I am Direct Relative of The DREW family From Middleton Norfolk my Great Grandfathers Great Grandfather was William High Drew born 1801 in Middleton hes the half brother of John Drew the builder of Middleton Blackborough End Mill.. I have up to Williams Great Great Fathers father John & Elizabeth Drew .. Any other info on my Family would be so helpful . my email is ..

  4. Robert Anthony Moore

    I, like most of my family, was born in Middleton.
    I am approaching 65 and my last remaining blood relatives older than me are 87 & 88 and both suffering dementia.
    Before we all ‘pass away’ I am curious to find out more about our ancestry.
    Wondering if you could assist in any way?

  5. drm

    I’ve passed your message onto the Family History Group.
    Site Admin

  6. Alan Iddon

    Can you send me information about the Langley Family ?
    I know they resided at Langley Hall ,Birch in Hopwood but would like to know what land belonged to them?
    Did they come under the rule of the Hopwoods of Hopwood Hall ?
    Which Family owned Birch.

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