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The Edgar Wood Society is an enthusiastic group of people who enjoy Arts & Crafts buildings and craft work . The Society is dedicated to the restoration and re-use of the Arts & Crafts Church Church and promoting the work of Edgar Wood and his contemporaries. We host an annual programme of events, workshops and visits to places of interest. Members can get involved in all sorts of ways, including a research group which regularly comes up with new discoveries.


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5 thoughts on “Edgar Wood Society

  1. drm

    Dear Brian,
    Sorry about the late reply. Yes please! That would be wonderful. Please could you send it to edgarwoodsociety@gmail.com ?
    We haven’t studied this particular building in great detail so the picture will no doubt be very useful.
    Best wishes and thank you,

  2. Brian Jury

    I have an early photograph (a side by side stereoscopic slide) taken around 1908 of the Gate House at Low Hills, Lindley, Huddersfield. Would the Society be interested in my sending a digital copy to you. It has a little girl with a hoop. She is my Ant Winifred Jury. The photo was taken by Walter Jury her Father who could have been an acquaintance of Edgar Wood.

  3. drm

    Hi Declan,
    Sorry for the delay in getting back. Edgar Wood was enthusiastic about design and architecture and in the late 1880s and early 1890s he ran classes across what is now Greater Manchester. This showed him to be someone with a hands-on and practical approach. He seems to have moved towards lecturing in the 1890s, though he was not an avid lecturer or article writer like some of his contemporaries. He expressed himself mainly through his designs and personally with colleagues and other artists and architects.
    We know of eleven lectures from 1891 to 1922 but we only know what Edgar said in detail for just three 1900, 1911 and 1912. The subjects he covered were practical and artistic.

  4. declan cahill

    Hi, has anyone come across any of Woods lectures he gave? Thanks

  5. Jean Broadbent

    Do you have any more dates planned for screening A Painter Veil please

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