Edgar Wood filming gets under way

Halecroft, Hale

Shooting for the new Edgar Wood film has begun, mainly in Hale and Lindley, two Edgar Wood outposts each with a fine collection of buildings. Hale is in Trafford borough and Lindley in Huddersfield and both are just 20 minutes drive from Middleton on the motorway.

Royd House, Hale

The Hale Edgar Wood buildings are all large houses with Halecroft and Royd House, where Edgar and Annie lived after they left Redcroft’, Middleton being the first and the last.  Comparing Halecroft to the nearby Royd House clearly shows the enormous stylistic journey that Edgar Wood travelled. They seem to live in completely different eras!

The Lindley buildings are more mixed and include houses, cottages, the famous Lindley clock tower and a large extension to Lindley Methodist church. The filming in Lindley was done at Briarcourt, one of two big Edgar Wood houses. If you would like to know more about the project, here is an excellent report in Rochdale Online.

Filming at Briarcourt, Lindley

“Edgar Wood”