First Group Visit of 2016

Twenty one Rotary Club members from Royton and Shaw were our first group of visitors in 2016. They started the day at St. Leonard’s Parish Church, where they were guided by Leon McLeod. Lunch followed at the Old Boar’s Head, where they learnt about the recent dating evidence of this seventeenth century building. The afternoon program consisted of a talk and guided tour of the Arts and Crafts Church and School led by Christine Grime. The group were highly delighted by their visit to Middleton and expressed their amazement that such treasures were on their door step. One lady said, “I had heard of the Golden Cluster, but I didn’t expect to see such impressive buildings. It’s been a wonderful trip”.



One thought on “First Group Visit of 2016

  1. David

    Great to see the first Golden Cluster visitors having such a good time. Well done to all the volunteers. David M.

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